3 Ways Google+ Benefits Businesses Now

Although they are not here yet, Google+ profiles for businesses are on their way. The question right now remains what is the benefit of Google+ for individuals looking to promote their business?

1. You can get used to the Google+ network ahead of time.

Why wait until you can get your business on Google+ and then start the learning process from there when you can start getting to know the network right now? With every new network, there is a learning curve, and Google+ is no exception with their circles, hangouts, and other features.

Granted, features for businesses may vary. But getting the feel for a network ahead of time will make it much easier to get your business profile going once the option is available.

2. You can build your personal and professional contacts.

If you start a business profile from scratch, who are you going to share it with?

It’s kind of like Facebook fan pages. People who have a personal Facebook profile with a lot of contacts can share their business pages with those contacts. People without a personal profile that started a fan page had to find ways of getting the word out through outside accounts and advertising.

One of the best parts of Google+ is the ability to organize people into groups, or circles as shown in the following video.

This means that you can put your business contacts into once circle and personal contacts into a different one. That way, you will have a set group of people to promote your business that you know will be interested.

3. You can build relationships with people in a noise-free environment.

Before the masses join Google+ is the perfect time for you to build relationships with the people you want to eventually promote your business to.

The huge benefit of Google+ is that it can’t be automated by other networks – profiles aren’t updated by updates from Twitter or Facebook, and updates can’t be sent through social management tools like HootSuite.

What this means is any updates you see by a person on Google+ were made on the Google+ website or mobile platform. Chances are, since people have to be on the network, they are more likely to see your updates and interact with your responses to their statuses. Hence you can get your message out directly to your audience without worrying about it getting lost in the noise.

Your Google+ Strategy

What has your Google+ strategy been so far? Please share your thoughts on this emerging network in the comments below!

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Kristi Hines is a writer for Future Simple's Growth University. She shares an enthusiasm for marketing, social networking, and blogging tips to help small businesses grow. She's also a blog marketing expert and social media enthusiast
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