5 Important Online Metrics to Watch Closely

Measuring online marketing metrics is important to gauge the success of your marketing efforts. Measurement is equally important in sales. Monitor your sales pipeline with the help of a simple CRM and sales tracking app. Start comparing CRM vendors, Microsoft Dynamics vs Netsuite CRM to see which vendor is right for your business.


Measurement is a vital aspect of success in online marketing. And one of the best things about marketing online is the ability to measure everything. Traditional 20th century marketing campaigns could take weeks or months to measure and as a result, a campaign could bleed money or an opportunity to truly capitalize on a successful campaign could be lost. Online marketing is blissfully different.

The world of the web lets you quickly assess whether or not your efforts are working.  It’s fantastic because you can adjust and tweak things until they are just right. Split testing works phenomenally well because you can assess metrics on a real-time basis.

There are a lot of things to measure, though, and some things should be watched very closely.

Read on for some areas that you’ll want to pay close attention to. This list is by no means exhaustive and is in no particular order but can give you a good starting point for measuring your online marketing success:

1 – SEO Rankings

Which keyword phrases is your website ranking for on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.?

When that traffic arrives, does it convert into a lead or a sale?

Closely measuring your search engine optimization results can help you make the most of them. It’s about more than ranking, though — it’s also about cashing in on that traffic. Not every visitor will necessarily result in a sale so a good strategy to convert visitors into leads is wise.

Look at keyword phrases that bring people in to a page. Is your page addressing that need?  What can you do to up the conversion rate of each page? Watching how visitors react can be very telling.

2 – Bounce Rate

How many people leave your website on the same page they entered on?

This is called a ‘bounce’. If people bounce off the same page they arrived on then this is a sign they weren’t interested.  Why is this happening? Are you attracting the wrong visitors?  Or, is your website’s layout and /or is your copywriting missing the mark for visitors?

This isn’t just important from the perspective of converting traffic into customers — it’s also essential from an SEO perspective, too. Search engines consider bounce rate when they assign rankings. Too high of a bounce rate and you’ll lose your existing organic SEO rankings and you will have a more difficult time gaining ground in the future.

3 – Opt-in Rate

How many people are opting in to various online services connected with your website? (i.e: blog, newsletter, a lead capture form, social media account, etc.)

Watching these numbers carefully can help you ensure your efforts are yielding results and can help you see where there are great opportunities to capitalize on the success of permission marketing strategies.

4 – Opt-Out Rate

Uh-oh…why are so many people opting out of social media accounts, blog subscriptions, newsletters, etc.? Have you done something that left a sour taste in the mouths of your subscribers? Has something else gone wrong that you can take action on? Damage control might be necessary and the faster you act, the better chances of a swift recovery.

5 – ROI on Paid Advertising

Measuring success and return on investment with online advertising campaigns is very important on an ongoing basis.  Analyzing return on investment can help you fine tune your ad campaigns so that you infuse successful campaigns with more money and a “lather, rinse, repeat” methodology and /or help you see where a particular approach is “bleeding” money, so to speak. Carefully watching the ROI on paid campaigns can help you ensure you are spending your advertising dollar wisely.

Take advantage of the many measurement tools that are out there for your online business marketing campaigns. There are both free and premium tools available to help you watch your results in real time so that you can act quickly and make the most of opportunities that come up.

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Dana Prince writes for Future Simple’s Growth University. Dana blends her passion for entrepreneurship with experience in software licensing sales, product management, online marketing, and SEO writing to run Dana Prince Writing, a web writing agency that creates optimized content that helps websites succeed.
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