5 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

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There are virtually infinite ways that you can promote your business today. With that being said, social media marketing has become especially popular in recent years with businesses of all sizes, as it is easy to get started with and typically has a high return on investment. While these alone are great reasons, below are five more that will hopefully convince you to take your business to the social media world and see the success that it can bring you.

1) Improve Brand Awareness

The more people that see your logo, business name and top products, the more likely they will be to remember your business when they eventually need what you have to offer. This is a basic example of how simple brand awareness can improve your profits over time. Social media is an extremely effective way of getting your brand in front of lots of potential customers, as more people than ever before are using the Internet to find products and services. By having a strong following on the main social media websites, you will be able to get your brand in front of hundreds or even thousands of people each day, which will make your brand presence stronger in your market over time.

2) Build Trust Through Open Communication

Social media creates an interesting communication dynamic between businesses and their customers, as most information exchanged over these websites is instantly made public. While some businesses fail at social media because of this, if you do things right, the openness and public nature of social media can do tremendous things for your business. Being open and honest while communicating with people on your social media page can open a lot of opportunities for providing great customer service, connecting with new and existing customers and even receiving coverage in the media.

3) Increase Your Website Traffic

Increasing the traffic to your website could do a number of things for your business, and social media is a great way to drive new visitors to your site. For example, you could direct your social media followers to specific pages of your website that offer them special products, free information that they would find useful, a place to sign up for an email newsletter, or any other page that they would benefit from. Higher website traffic will translate into a wide range of benefits for your business.

4) Monitor Mentions Of Your Brand

If you are doing your marketing right, then people should be talking about your business online through their social media profiles. When this happens, you will want to ensure that you can read the things that they are saying so you can use them to improve the way you do business. Most social media websites make it easy for you to track what is being said about you, so definitely use this capability as much as possible.

5) Better SEO

Search engines are now taking social media profiles into strong consideration as they evaluate which websites to rank highly in their results. Gain as many followers as you can on social media websites and encourage them to share your products and content. You will certainly see a boost in your search engine rankings as a result.

As you can see, there are many good reasons for promoting your business on social media today. Get started as soon as you can with this high return on investment and proven marketing strategy.

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Rose McKellen is a freelance writer from Austin, TX. She recommends using these social media tips to establish a good online presence for your company. Companies like MarketingExchange also recommend taking social media marketing seriously.
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  1. Blademan48 says:

    I agree with your five suggestions. I have opened an on line store and the social media is my main source of advertisement. I can reach more people this way than going out and passing out business cards. Facebook, Google+, WordPress Youtube and Twitter are just a few means of free, wide spread advertisement that I use to promote my online store.
    Blademan48 @ C & H Blades; http://www.candhblades.com

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