Linking to the Right Facebook Fan Page

Does your business have a Facebook fan page? Check! Do you want people to link to it on their personal profile? Check! Will they link to the right one? Maybe not.

Whenever someone adds an employer to their personal profile, Facebook will try to link that employer to the business’ fan page. Unfortunately, most of the time it will default to the Facebook Places page for the business instead of the actual company profile.

How to Tell If You Have the Right Page Linked as Your Employer

How can you tell this if this has happened to you? If there is an employer on your personal profile, simply hover over the name of the business.

Facebook Business Profile
If done correctly, you will see a little snapshot of your page, including the main image, link to the page, number of fans, and category it is in (as shown above on the left). If you’re linked to the Places page instead of your official fan page, you’ll see a grey image with a briefcase with relatively few fans (as shown above on the right).

How to Link to Your Employer’s Real Facebook Fan Page

So how do you fix this little issue? First, you need to be a fan of your employer’s fan page if you’re not already. Then click on your Edit Profile link and find the Education and Work section (here if you’re logged into Facebook).

In the Employer box, start typing in your company name and then be sure to select the one with your logo in the dropdown.

Facebook Business Fan Page

If the dropdown options do not come up, then just hit Add – usually if you’re a fan of the page it will select the right one, but if not, just cancel and try again. Once you’re successful, you will be able to hover over the name of your employer and see the correct fan page information come up.

Some Considerations

The one rule of thumb as an employer is to make adding an employer to a personal profile a request, not a demand. Not everyone will want to share their employer information with their Facebook friends due to privacy reasons.

Alternatively, you may not want all of the employees sharing where they work as they will be representatives of the company, and if all they post is their drinking escapades, you might not want them to be linked to it at all.

Spread the Word

Last, but not least, with the above considerations in mind, if you’re connected with your colleagues on Facebook, check out their profiles to make sure they have the right fan page linked to the business. If not, share this post with them so they can get it fixed!

This way, all of your colleagues will be spreading the word about your business simply by dispalying it on their profile – it might even make for some good lead generation!

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