Business Rules to Follow on Twitter: Socialize Smartly!

Twitter can be a great resource for lead generation if you socialize smartly. Use a simple CRM and sales tracking app like Base to help you keep track of all of your leads.


With the growth in influence of social media sites, many businesses are making moves to take advantage of its influence. Twitter can be a very effective marketing tool for small businesses.

Twitter can serve as an online platform for developing your brand, interacting with clients and the public,  promoting products, and sharing information on your business.

Functionally, Twitter works the same way for both a business and individual user, however, different rules and etiquette should be followed.

Before you start using Twitter for your small business, here are a few things to keep in mind for a better business performance.

1. Regularly update your feed.

If you leave your profile stale you will lose out on all the advantages that Twitter can offer your small business. For this reason, you need to keep your profile updated by sharing relevant industry news, product updates, and take part in discussions with your community. This will give better visibility to your clients and prospects and give you the opportunity to develop relationships with them.

2. Be professional.

Whatever area you work in, professionalism is important when tweeting. Always keep your tweets business oriented and try not to get into a heated debate over an issue. Your argument, if any, must fall inline with company operating procedures. It is important to develop a policy about how individuals need to tweet under such circumstances.

3. Work on a personal level

People find more pleasure in talking to another person who has the ability to listen and respond accordingly. Tweeting as a business provides a personal and humanizing voice to a corporate brand for your company’s PR, sales, and customer service.

4. Converse with your followers

Rather than JUST spamming and announcing new products at your followers, why not converse with them on a give to get level?

You can directly converse with followers, getting to know them, discovering their pain points, and sharing your expertise in your business space.

5. Make use of tracking devices

You can use tracking devices or hashtags as searchable references for your followers. This will allow for you and your followers to easily track topics and conversation. Hashtags are a great way to join in on chats, share your thoughts on industry topics and conversations as well as creating an unique identifier for your business or products.

6. Respond to your followers and address their problems.

Solicit feedback when interacting with your clients and prospects on Twitter. Don’t just tweet at them, listen and consider their suggestions to improve your business, products, and customer service. When you are able to get customer feedback online, you will find it is a very valuable tool for bettering your small business’ performance.

By listening and responding to your customers you will be able to build up a basis of trust. This will take you a step further up towards the expansion of your business.
The last and most important thing to remember with both a personal and business account on Twitter is to always come across as a responsive, human voice for your brand that pays attention, respond to questions, and provides pointed solutions. You will soon be developing relationships and reaching thousands of followers if you follow these rules and execute them well.


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