Content Marketing Advice for Mere Mortals

Content marketing can help drive traffic and leads to your small business.  Manage your small business leads by using a simple CRM and sales tracking app like Base.


Content marketing is one of the cornerstones of online marketing.  Every online business needs to implement content marketing into their strategy. If you are a small business, implementing and embracing content marketing can really differentiate you from the competition.

Below are the top 5 content marketing tactics you should implement immediately!

1. Guest Posting

This is where you write a guest blog post for someone else’s blog (just like this). Guest posting is mutually beneficial for both the poster and the blog. The blog gets to publish your expert content and you get to introduce yourself to their readership while receiving links back to your site. Guest posting is a great way to improve your SEO and get traffic to your site. As with any marketing tactic you need to schedule guest posting and it takes time. Try to close one guest post every 2 weeks. Guest posting is an amazing free marketing strategy for any small business. If you are a good writer you can guest post like crazy and generate hundreds of links over the course of the year.

2. Publishing Articles on eZine Articles

eZine Articles is a site that allows you to publish any type of article. You submit an article and eZine publishes the article with a link back to your site. You can track the number of article views and clicks to your site.

3. Create Free Digital Content

Create your own video content or ebook and offer it for free. Doing this allows you to reach out to other blogs or other industry leaders and say “hey we have this great free content, do you want to share it with your audience?”  Make sure to use your core business expertise in your digital content (i.e. if you are an SEO company create an SEO video).

4. Company Blog

Every company MUST have a company blog.  It is important that you list and track the keywords that are relevant to your business and use your blog to help drive traffic to your site. A nice tool to help you find the best keywords is called Google Keyword Tool. Come up with a list of targeted keywords relevant to your business that you are trying to rank. Once you have established your keywords start writing about related topics.

5. YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! YouTube videos are long term assets for your company and every video you create has the potential to drive traffic to your site. When creating a video use your Google keywords again to figure out relevant topics to go after. To increase your odds of YouTube marketing success:

  • Create 2 YouTube Videos per week
  • Use the Google Keyword Tool to target keywords
  • Optimize the video (using video responses and keywords)

PRO TIP: Add a link to your site in the description of your YouTube videos

6. Create Partnerships

Partnerships are an important aspect of growing any business. You want to generate partnerships with both leaders and up and comers in your industry. Partnerships can touch on every aspect of your marketing from guest blogging to YouTube videos. Partnerships are a key component in small business marketing. True partnerships can take time and are all about developing mutually beneficial relationships! So start connecting and building life long relationships now. To learn more about relationship building I recommend the book “Never Eat Alone”.

Apply these simple steps and you will be able to improve your content marketing for your company and sell your products or services. Start today!

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a Rainmaker at and also builds iPhone apps. His first app is Startup Videos App. Matt was also Sales executive at Prior to AppSumo Matt founded which was a fbFundee and acquired in 2010. Currently, Matt is an MBA student at Thunderbird School of Global Management.
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