Do You Have a Good Sales Follow-Up Strategy?

What was that prospect’s telephone number? When did I send that quote? — last week? Stay on top of all of your deals, prospects, and established clients with the help of a simple CRM and sales tracking app like Base.


Do you follow up on quotes you send out?

If you don’t have a high success rate from quotes given, you may want to refine your follow-up strategy.

Do you have a high rate of repeat business?

If not, this is another sign that you may want to refine your follow-up strategy.

Not only could following up help you secure business and /or secure repeat business but your follow-up efforts could also help you find ways to boost your success rate with prospects and to solidify your relationship with customers.  A good game plan is important.

Here are some ways to follow-up on sent quotes:

  • Call and ask the prospect if they have any questions about the quote. This can provide you with an opportunity to discover whether or not the quote is still being considered. You may have an opportunity to re-quote, to find out why you didn’t win the order, or to find out about future opportunities. You may also get the answer you’re hoping for — that the purchase order is coming shortly.
  • Email. An email follow-up could be a less intrusive way to find out what’s happening. It also gives you a paper trail. Tip: Don’t shy away from the phone, though. Many salespeople today rely too much on indirect contact and that can dilute the relationship building opportunities!

Tip: Track follow-ups.  If you use a customer relationship management tool or sales pipeline trackers, tracking the stages of a quote and the clients’ responses is extremely valuable.

If you don’t get the deal:

When following up on a recent quote, if you find out you won’t be getting the order, ask ‘Why?’

The answer can help you determine:

  • Whether or not your pricing is in line or not
  • Whether or not your competition has a better offering
  • You can also find out other important things, such as cases where clients are deferring a planned buy date, meaning that this isn’t a lost opportunity, it could just be pushed out further in your sales forecast.

What about new clients.  Do you have a good strategy to try to turn new clients into repeat customers?  It’s wise to follow-up soon after dealing with a first-time client to show you’re attentive and to increase the chances of a repeat purchase.

Ways to follow-up with new clients:

  • Call or email and ask your contact if they were happy with their order. This gives you an opportunity to pitch on a new opportunity or to include information about an upcoming promotion. Tip: Be ready to quickly address problems, just in case there was an issue with the last order received.
  • Send a thank you note with a new cataloge or special offer. If you don’t hear something soon, consider following up via phone.
  • Do a survey to help you gauge their satisfaction. Include an offer with the survey. Use the survey to help you improve customer experience.
  • Offer a free consultation / check-in. If a recent on-site installation has taken place, for example, you may want to offer to come and do some diagnostics as this gives you some face time with your customer and shows that you want to be sure they are happy with their purchase.

Don’t forget follow-ups with ongoing clients, too.  If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, drop them a line.  If you don’t nurture your relationships, you’ll leave the door open for a competitor!

Whether dealing with prospects or new clients, follow-up helps you increase the chances of building relationships. Make sure you track your follow-up efforts so that you can be sure nothing slips through the cracks.


About Dana Prince

Dana Prince writes for Future Simple’s Growth University. Dana blends her passion for entrepreneurship with experience in software licensing sales, product management, online marketing, and SEO writing to run Dana Prince Writing, a web writing agency that creates optimized content that helps websites succeed.
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3 Responses to Do You Have a Good Sales Follow-Up Strategy?

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Dana

    Do you have a system you can share on how you manage your followups? We’re looking for a fixed price, relatively affordable solution other than excel spreadsheet which we can use to follow up on sales leads.

    All the sales followup tools seem to be pricey, and almost always pay monthly cloud based solutions. We’re a small team (in fact just 2 people in sales), so we’d like to purchase an outlook plugin or windows software that we can keep without monthly payments.

    I think it’s very important, recalling back at times when I purchase from suppliers I will often go with the company or firm that frequently sends emails to me. I may get speculative quotes but then when I see one company regularly emailing me I tend to go with them.

  2. Richard says:

    Sorry, just saw your recommendation for base at the top. We’re not so keen on a cloud based monthly membership model. Almost all the sales tools we’ve come across seem to be cloud based. Any recommendations for one off payment software?

  3. magda says:

    Richard, Base has a free option as well. You can sign up here:

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