Email Drop-box for PipeJump is Here!

You asked and we answered! Many of our loyal PipeJumper’s (that’s you!) asked us to add an “email drop-box” feature to PipeJump. Well, today we’re excited to let you know that email drop-box for PipeJump has arrived!

What is Email Drop-box?

It’s a magical feature that’s going to save you a lot of time and help keep you organized.

Email drop-box helps you track email conversations with contacts by organizing your email threads under one roof in PipeJump. For example, let’s say that two weeks ago, you exchanged a few emails with a prospective client. You’re now ready to pick up the phone and call this prospect to see if she’s ready to move forward. Rather than searching through your email inbox to try and get caught-up with your prior email conversation, all you need to do is open up PipeJump, find your contact’s name, and read the email thread between the two of you right there. You’re now quickly up-to-speed on where the conversation last left off and are ready to have a productive call with your prospect!

How Does it Work?

It’s really simple. Your account has a single “drop-box” email address for contacts (you can find this address in your “Settings>General” tab). Anytime you send an email to someone, just bcc this address and PipeJump will “magically” store this email under your recipient’s name. You can also just fwd incoming emails to the same address and PipeJump will recognize the recipient and store the email. Now you know all the conversations that have taken place with an individual contact.


Alternatively, if you’d like to store an email conversation with a “deal” (instead of a contact), it’s equally simple. Each deal has a unique email address, so just bcc or fwd your email to that address and PipeJump will store it under that deal. Now each deal has a record of all email conversations related to the deal – all in one place!


Give PipeJump and the Email Drop-box a try.

We hope you enjoy it!



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