How Guest Blogging is a Great Marketing Tool

When referrals come in from all the great guest blog post you write, be sure to keep track of your new leads using a simple CRM and sales tracking tool like Base.


Large and small businesses should definitely be blogging on a regular basis. A blog does a vast number of things for your marketing efforts and is a low cost / high-yield way to continually build organic traffic levels as well as nurture relationships with your customers and prospective customers.  But have you considered guest blogging?

Placing your own content on someone else’s blogs can do a number of things for you:

  • You can get a chance to connect with a new audience.  This can be a great way to spread brand awareness about your own site or your own name.
  • Blog owners will usually promote your guest blog on their social marketing accounts and email marketing lists, increasing exposure and giving your blog post an opportunity to go viral.
  • Guest blogging typically involves getting a byline that you can link to your own site. This can be great for search engine optimization.  Valuable backlinks can be a lot like popularity votes and search engines could see these links as a sign that your website deserves more traffic. It’s especially helpful if you guest blog on a site more popular than yours.
  • This could be a great customer relationship management tool. People could click your link and become a reader, subscriber, become a sales lead, and could enter your sales funnel and eventually become a customer.

Finding and Approaching Blogs to Guest Post

Of course your competitors aren’t likely to let you post a guest blog that will direct their visitors to your site but you can find complementary blogs that are relevant enough that they could do good things for your site’s traffic and online reputation.

Search for industry blogs in your niche and for blogs that rank well for some of your target keyword phrases and consider approaching the site owner with a guest post idea to see if the site owner or editor is receptive. Take a look through your own RSS feeds to see if there are any good candidates and contact the blog owner.  Most bloggers are always looking for content and you can save them time and provide value to their readers by supplying good content in exchange for a byline with a link.

Make sure you pitch an idea that will benefit their readers and that’s not too promotional in nature. Do be sure that you follow any guidelines the website owner suggests and write something original, informative, and high-quality that you’re proud to have associated with your company name.

SEO Tip:

Take the time to keyword optimize your title and headings so that your blog has as much potential as possible to help people looking for the topic find it.

Additional Tips for Guest Posting:

  • Once the post goes live, link to it from other locations, such as your social media accounts to maximize the potential exposure of the post.
  • Be sure to subscribe to comments in the blog so that you can have an opportunity to converse with everyone who comments. This is good blogging etiquette and adds additional value to the potential of the guest post for building your profile and for getting exposure.
  • Thank the blog owner who publishes your post. This could be a great networking opportunity. You might invite them to post on your blog in return, for example.
  • Make sure that wherever your byline link directs people to (it could be a tightly optimized landing page, for instance), that it has the ability to capture their opt-in. This way, if people do click through to your website and don’t buy from you today, there’s the opportunity to communicate with them in the future. (Note: The Base contact management and CRM solution offers the ability to capture leads from your website with a simple form.)

Happy Blogging!

Growth University loves working with guest bloggers.  Feel free to contact us via the comment section below if you are interested in sharing your small business knowledge on Growth University.

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