How To Turn Your Website Viewers into Users

browsing in pinkThere are many sites that have plenty of visitors; however, they might not be interacting with the website at all, contributing to a high bounce rate. These are the best tips for turning passive viewers into active users.


Many sites get a lot of hits, but not nearly as much interaction as they would like. With so many sites out there, sometimes holding someone’s attention for so long may seem an impossible task, but it is not.

If your goal is to keep your visitors and turn them into users instead of letting them bounce away with little to no return for your time and hard work, then have no fear. This article will show you the top five ways to turn those visitors into “regulars” who interact with your site and your business.

Step One: Prompt, Then Make it Easy for Them

Make sure that people know that there is something that they can actually be involved with. It seems silly, but sometimes these things are not immediately obvious or might be a little confusing. In order to comment or to look at something that has grabbed the reader’s interest, prompt them!

On that note, so many sites now make it easy for people to log in and comment on something – even going so far as letting them use their Facebook accounts or Twitter to sign in. If you do not have an option for either of those, it’s not unwise to consider it. However, if you’d like to leave the social media off for now, make sure that your registry board is not riddled with a million questions for them to answer. Forms make people’s attention wander and that increases the chance that they will leave and go do something else. The more expedient it is, the more likely someone will actually stick around to contribute to your site!

Step Two: Give Incentives

Do you do contests? Perhaps little giveaways, or maybe just an email list for amusing and/or entertaining prompts to keep them coming back for more? It’s true that people like being treated to things and with the internet this is easier than ever.  Consider giving extra bonuses for people who sign up for different sites or have contests with the potential for them to win something cool. Humans have very much adapted to the Pavlovian Response, where we like to have rewards for things that we’ve done. Maybe by signing in, only those who have created accounts can be eligible for rare but fun giveaways or discounts.

Step Three: Be On Time and Reliable

One thing that will ensure people to regularly follow and even comment on your posts is that you keep an orderly and timely presence upon your site. If you have not updated your site in a long time, say goodbye to common users! They want a schedule, a known time that you will update and they can check back on it, thus giving them a sense of routine and predictability that most people like, whether they are aware of it or not. If you decide that you will update your site with something new every Tuesday, or every weekday at 6am, make sure that you do it. This will ensure that people come back, giving them a sense of comfort that may lead them to beginning to feel comfortable enough to interact.

Along with that, you will want to make sure that your site is always up and available for them to look at and peruse. It does you no good to have a site that is down half of the time, or gives you trouble when you’re trying to update it! If you’re having difficulty, there are many sites to help you optimize your schedule, your visitors, and your valuable time.

Step Four: Be Personable

People don’t like following or talking to faceless beings or corporations. If you are a company or something like it, make it seem easy for people to talk within the comments. Come up with prompts to engage the people, to get them to be social and interact with each other, and even you. It’s also important that you respond and interact with them.  If they know you never look at the comments, many people will be less likely to be engaged themselves.

But remember, always be cordial and polite, maybe even a little humorous, but never harmful. Create rapport with them even as you are trying to sell them something. You want to create a friendly and engaging atmosphere, not one that feels like a prison.

Step Five: Create the Content They Want

Each of these steps are important, but this one I saved for last because it is something that requires a lot in the way of balance. You have to figure out what you personally capitalize on and what your user base wants and to be able to adjust accordingly as well as reasonably. If you are really good at making articles that talk about bananas and that’s your thing and then a user asks for Chewbacca costumes, you don’t need to really listen to them. That’s not what you’re there for. If they want Chewbacca costumes, they can find a site for that sort of thing. You’re just all about bananas and the occasional apple. But if you discover that several of your users want you to talk about plantains, then maybe you should consider it.

This is why it’s good to have balance between what your user base wants and what you personally want from your site. If you don’t know what they want, engage them. Ask them if there is anything else they would like, or what they personally enjoyed. User and consumer based feedback is some of the best responses you can get, especially when you want to see what your user base is there for. As a bonus, people like to talk about what they like and don’t like.

In Just Five Steps…

…you have now learned what it takes to make people more likely to be an active member on your website and to further engage socially and make a connection with your company or base of internet operations. Whether it’s consumer based, blog based, or anything else, you are sure to rack in some valuable regulars who check back in with these tried and true techniques. What techniques have you tried that worked for you? Let us know below!

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