Organize Your Twitter Following with Formulists

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of people you are following, or are following you? If you have ever wished you could find a better way to organize your Twitter connections, but just don’t have the time to pick through everyone and create Twitter lists, then you’re in luck.

Formulists is a service that will allow you to create customized Twitter lists and automatically update those lists with new followers that fit your specifications. Simply sign in with your business Twitter account to begin.

While you can create two Formulists to get started, I would suggest going with the 2.99USD per month or 19.99USD per year option for pro. It’s a great deal which will allow you up to 20 lists that never expire (the limit is 20 because you can only create 20 lists on Twitter per user)! Then you can create the following types of lists (publicly or privately) based on Formulists’ various filtering options.

Organize Your Target Audience by Location

If your business is looking for an audience within a geospecific location, then you will want to pay the most attention to your connections that are within that location. Simply use the Filter Who You Follow into Readable Lists option under Organize Your Network. Then use the Location Filter to include keywords for your city, state, or country.

Bonus filtering option that applies to all lists: Use the Filter by Following and Followers to specify the minimum number of followers a user has to have to be included in your list. This means that you will get influential Twitter users in your area!

Filter Your Connections by Bio Information

Using the same Filter Who You Follow into Readable Lists option under Organize Your Network, you can create a list with connections that have specific keywords in their profile. So if your ideal customers are social media savvy businesses, then just include the keyword “social media” under the Bio Filter option.

Bonus filtering option that applies to all lists: Use the Filter by When They Last Tweeted to ensure that your list only includes active Twitter users. You don’t need to fill up your list with people who haven’t been active for over 60 days.

Target People Who Tweet about Particular Topics the Most

See Who Uses a Hashtag or Search Term Most under Expand Your Network will allow you to see Twitter users who use a particular keyword or #hashtag the most. This way you can have a list of people who talk about the topics that your ideal clients would talk about the most.

Bonus filtering option that applies to all lists: Use the Profile Filter Options to further narrow down people talking about a particular topic by location or keywords in their Twitter bio.

See Who Interacts With Your Competitors

Are you curious the type of customer that loves your competitors? Find out by creating a list to See Someone’s Top Retweeters under Track Competitors. This way you can see the typical user that is a fan of a rival SEO company.

Bonus filtering option that applies to all lists: You can exclude people you are already following or not not followign from the list if you notice you and your rival have the same fans.

Follow Those Who Talk about You the Most

One of the most important parts of Twitter is strengthening your bond with your fans. Rank Tweeps that Mention You Most under Strengthen Social Ties will allow you to see the Twitter users that interact with you and retweet your content the most. There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing, and you can easily reward those who spread the word about your business by simply acknowledging them by interacting with them periodically.

Bonus filtering option that applies to all lists: You can create a maximum list size from anywhere between 1 to 500. This way you can see as many people possible all in one or limit the size so you don’t miss important updates from your most important connections.

Do You Use Twitter Lists?

Have you use Formulists or Twitter lists in general? How do you organize your followers and following while also expanding your network of people to engage with on Twitter?

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Kristi Hines is a writer for Future Simple's Growth University. She shares an enthusiasm for marketing, social networking, and blogging tips to help small businesses grow. She's also a blog marketing expert and social media enthusiast
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