Sales Tracking Tips and Tools to Boost Your Sales

If you want to win more deals and increase your bottom line, it’s important to track your sales through a sales pipeline. If you’re serious about your bottom line, start evaluating tools that can help you. Top vendors, Salesforce vs Top Producer is a good place to start.

What is a sales pipeline and how can it help with sales tracking?

In simple terms, a sales pipeline is a visual framework that will help improve your sales tracking. A sales pipeline contains the amount of business your company attempts to win over a period of time. It also helps you to make informed decisions that will improve your sales process and grow your business.

Stages of a Sales Pipeline

Picture a sales pipeline as a funnel with multiple stages.

  • Incoming: This is where you gather all business leads for initial processing.
  • Qualified: This is where relevant leads go for follow-up.
  • Quote: This is where you quote the deal.
  • Closure: This is where final negotiations take place.
  • Won or Lost: This is where you Won the deal and get started on the job or Lost and figure out how to win next time out.

Using a sales pipeline will help you track sales, visualize leads, and organize your follow-ups. And most importantly, a sales pipeline will give your business a wealth of information like why deals are won or lost, where your leads come from, and how your leads translate to sales. This is critical information that will help improve your sales process and help you win more deals.

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