SEO and Inbound Marketing Strategies Can Help You Target Low Hanging Fruit

If you’re going after low hanging fruit to achieve your sales goals you’ll still need  a system to manage the process.  Manage your entire pipeline with the help of a CRM solution like Base.


Low hanging fruit, in sales, is considered easier sales to achieve.  There are some effective ways to target this fruit in your online marketing strategies. How do you use search engine optimization and inbound marketing to your advantage to go after low hanging fruit.  There are a few ways to do this.

Urgent Requirements:

A good example of low hanging fruit that’s ripe for picking would be to target SEO keyword phrases for people who need help right now.

If you strive to appeal to people who need instant gratification by being listed in the place they look for help, you could do extremely well in attracting new customers who are ready to buy.

SEO and inbound marketing methods can help you connect with people searching for specific words or phrases related to your product and /or service.

If you’re a plumber, for instance, an important low hanging fruit segment to try to appeal to is to appeal to people looking for instant gratification around things like ’24 hour plumber’ or ‘emergency plumbing ____ (city)’. The searcher has got a problem so their Google search reflects what they need and if you get ranked high on the list of results, people will see you as a viable answer.

Tip: Try to anticipate their questions in your copywriting and make sure that you regularly assess your website traffic reports to ensure that the right content exists to answer the queries that brought people to your page(s).

Inbound Marketing for SEO Success

Articles, blogs, and helpful videos could help you appeal to people looking for whatever it is that you are selling.  Writing with advice, answering frequently asked questions, and optimizing your website content around the phrases people who need help now will be searching for (keyword research helps) can be a way to attract people who need help today. Make your content and your website customer friendly, too, so that people can easily read your site from their mobile phone and if applicable, make it easy to connect with you via phone numbers and clickable links for requesting a quote or filling out a quick online form that gets inserted into your lead management software.

Other Keyword Searches:

Another example of low hanging fruit that’s ripe for picking could be search terms that aren’t as competitive but that are widely searched for. The most competitive search terms in your industry might be more difficult to rank well for but there may be some phrases that people search for where this isn’t a whole lot of competition. Putting some effort in this area could help you start to get a steady stream of traffic and some great leads while you also work to target higher searched phrases.

Competitive Advantage and USP

Yet another example would be to target keyword phrases where you would have a distinct advantage over others already ranking for those phrases.  If you do a good job of quickly selling your unique selling proposition, you could win business even if you aren’t listed as the #1 result on search engines yet.  Your site’s meta data (the info that shows up in search engine results) is critical here. That title and 2 or so sentences is your opportunity to show why people should click your link instead of the link above you. Competitive analysis is key here!

There are some other advantages of going after low hanging fruit, too.  There could be opportunities for higher margins, and with your approach of leveraging SEO it could mean lower customer acquisition costs over other online marketing methods.

Tip: Don’t neglect to try to turn these types of orders into longer term customers. Yes, you may get an order by meeting an urgent need but once you’ve shown you can deliver you’ve got an opportunity to turn that customer from a one-time order into a referring, repeat customer.

Existing Customers are Low Hanging Fruit, Too

Do you spend so much time trying to find new customers that you fail to mine for business in your existing customer base?  Implement customer relationship management strategies that can help you in this area, too.

It’ll take some keyword research to help you figure out the best areas to target with your SEO and some assessments of the resulting traffic you get over time but the results could be highly profitable.


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Dana Prince writes for Future Simple’s Growth University. Dana blends her passion for entrepreneurship with experience in software licensing sales, product management, online marketing, and SEO writing to run Dana Prince Writing, a web writing agency that creates optimized content that helps websites succeed.
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