Signs Your Social Networking Strategy isn’t Working (and Tips to Fix It)

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Most businesses nowadays are striving to develop an online presence. Whether you sell something technology-related or not, technology can help you get new customers. Beyond trying to get a nice-looking website that appeals to stationary and mobile user alike plus get a good steady stream of visitors to it, you’ve also got a social media presence to work on, too.

Social media is an interesting thing. If you do it successfully, it could be a great way to converse with and continually engage your customers.  It offers great potential for customer loyalty and for building your brand.

Being social on social media can help you find new customers and handle business development with existing customers, too.  Social marketing is an important element of your online marketing strategy. But what if it’s not going well?  How can you tell and what should you do about it?

Signs Your Social Media Strategy Needs Work

  1. You don’t have a real strategy. You just kind of poke around social media sites and push out links once in a while.
  2. Your strategy is all about quantity and selling.
  3. You’re not sure what’s working and what isn’t. You just keep on keepin’ on…
  4. Your numbers are dwindling. Your followers are dropping and you’re not sure that social media is helping your business at all.
  5. The traffic you get from social media sites to your website has a really high bounce rate.
  6. You have a really low social media engagement rate.  Most times, you feel like you’re out in social media alone.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but gives you some key indicators that it might be time to more carefully strategize, assess, and adjust.

Strategy: It’s not easy to create a strategy for social media until you’ve dabbled with it a bit. Once you have, you’ll be able to fine tune things as you go. Consider getting acquainted with how the top social marketing sites work and read up on some marketing strategies for social media. You’ll find a lot of great online resources to help you and as you go, you can fine tune your strategy based on results.

Quality not Quantity: If you want to attract an audience and keep it, you’ll want to make your social media updates count. Consider user experience rather than thinking “sell, sell, sell”. If you use social media sites to push out links without being part of the community, you’ll probably turn potential buyers ‘off’. Use these sites to create an online community of your customers. Use them to communicate and gather information. Use these sites to inform, educate, and — if appropriate — entertain.

Is it Working?: Assess your results on an ongoing basis. Look at metrics to determine if you’re seeing anything positive come out of your social marketing strategy. If things aren’t working, develop new strategies to try out.

Watch Your Numbers: If you see a surge, there’s a reason. If you see a sharp decline, there’s likely a reason for that, too. Watching your numbers on social media in terms of followers and traffic that arrives on your linked-to pages can help you see what’s going well and what sorts of activities seem to get no response or a bad response from your audience.

Bounce Rate:  Bounce rate is an important thing to watch in your online strategy. If people don’t stay long on your site, they’re either not getting what they want or need or something about that page was off-putting.  If you’ve got a high bounce rate from your social media links, you should reconsider your strategy both on social media and on your website. If you’re driving clicks, this is a good thing. If the clicks don’t stay for more than a cursory glance, it’s time to adjust your marketing methods on your website. It’s possible to have a good social media strategy but a bad website marketing strategy.

Lack of Engagement: There are definite benefits to using social media to engage others. Not only does it give you a chance to gather feedback but it also helps you share information in way that can bring about positive viral results.  If someone responds to your update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter, their audience and maybe even the public can see those replies. Search engines also pay attention to profiles with high engagement rates. A good social marketing strategy could equate to improved organic search engine optimization results, too .This could attract attention that could convert into profit.  Engaged customers tend to show emotion, too. Do they like what you’re saying? Do they disagree? Engagement can equal opportunity.

Your social marketing strategy can’t be static. It has to be evolving and based on the changing needs of your audience. Dedicate time, effort, and invest in resources and it could become an invaluable tool for you and your business.

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