Successfully Implement a Simple CRM and Sales Tracking Tool

The easiest way to implement a simple CRM and sales tracking app into your small business is to choose an app that is intuitive and powerful. Start your vendor comparison with a search regarding Capsule vs Salesforce, or Base.

Are you worried you’ll have trouble implementing simple CRM and sales pipeline tracking software in your small business?

A sales pipeline tracking software tool could do a great number of positive things for your small business. There are significant benefits to using a single standard tool across the board to track prospective and existing client’s information and deals. Benefits include:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Effective customer relationship management and better client retention
  • Enhanced sales productivity
  • Team member accountability
  • Team building and collaboration benefits
  • The list goes on…

In a perfect world, you’d pick and tool, start using it, and would quickly see the benefits. But in reality, it’s not always easy to implement a new tool across a sales force. The tool will only work if it’s used to its full capacity. Many companies invest a lot of money in new software but face resistance from their team. There are a lot of choices out there. Be sure to find an easy to use and effective tool for your small business. After you’ve found the right tool and you’ve arranged to start using it, how do you:

  • Get buy-in from your team
  • Implement the training (especially when you have a busy and mobile sales force)
  • Make sure it gets used across the board

Read on for some implementation tips that could help you make sure you really do benefit from the pipeline tracking tool your company has chosen.

Pitch the Pitchers

Your sales team knows the value of a good sales pitch. Give them a taste of their own medicine and pitch them on the benefits of use. Your team needs a winning sales pitch to motivate them and if you convince them that this tool is going to make their lives easier and help them earn more money, they will be much more likely to use it.  Keep in mind that just like with pitching clients you have to try to anticipate potential objections and be ready to address them.

If your sales team members have diverse and archaic methods of tracking their prospecting activities, demonstrate why tools like Excel templates to track sales pipeline activities are ineffective.

  • They don’t promote team work
  • They don’t allow for easy collaboration and emergency coverage
  • They aren’t reliable
  • They don’t allow management to track and reward for performance

Some salespeople become so set in their ways that they resist change but if you’ve taken the time to choose the right sales pipeline tracking tool, the proof will be in the demo. Show them how it works as you explain why it’s being implemented in your business. Illustrate time savings and the ability to better manage and grow their customer base.

Show them the Money!

Tying sales pipeline software use to performance and compensation metrics is a key method of making sure your sales force uses it.  Be sure to track compliance and give non-compliant users an opportunity to correct their behavior. Some people will adopt it immediately and others may need reminders that management needs universal usage for strategic planning purposes.

Have You Chosen the Right Tool?

The best way to make sure salespeople use sales tracking is to make sure you choose a tool that is easy to integrate into their day to day work life. (A mobile pipeline tracking app, cloud-based access, easy methods to populate and update information, and other bells and whistles make using this type of tool an attractive proposition to busy salespeople). Consider test driving a solution and if possible, get input from a few of your sales people.


Some CRM tools are cumbersome to deploy and require training. Other tools are self-guided and so easy to use that training isn’t necessary. If you’ve found an easy-to-use tool, you can simply have your salespeople sign up and start using it. The easier it is for them, the better success you’ll have with the implementation.

Be available to offer support to your team members with questions or problems using the software to minimize frustration and maximize their willingness to adopt this new tool into their day. And, if you illustrate the success it has brought to specific teams who are already using and benefiting from it, this helps, too. A bit of healthy competition doesn’t hurt so it’s smart to get creative to make sure the tool is quickly adopted.

Set a Deadline

Also consider offering a ramp-up period and a final timeline where everyone needs to be using it. This way, you’re giving team members time to get acquainted with a new way of managing their pipeline and you’re setting a deadline so that the whole company knows they need to be on board by a specific date — enabling management and the whole company to truly benefit from all the tool can do for your business.

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