Throw Your Rolodex Away and Embrace Simple CRM

Gone are the days when you could reach for your Rolodex and flip through your contacts to find a client’s phone number or use a piece of paper and a pen to track your sales. Sure, you can reject technology and go old school. But let’s face it; technological advances in small business practices were put in place to make things easier for us, so why not get on board with it? Start searching today for your next CRM. Google popular CRM vendors, such as Highrise vs Nimble and start your evaluation on the right foot.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is a term widely used in the business world to describe the strategy and the systems that a business implements to manage contacts and record interactions with those contacts. One of the most important functions of the CRM is sales tracking – allowing the small business manager to stay on top of her sales pipeline. It was originally introduced to the business world as a means of organizing, automating, and synchronizing the information and systems involved in all client-facing processes.

For a small business that needs a simple CRM, it comes down to software that helps the small business manager manage everything from sales to marketing, customer service, client accounts, and anything in between.

Why do you need a simple CRM?

You need simple CRM to communicate with new prospects that want to work with you and to track conversations with current clients. You need it to nurture leads and retain client relationships. You need it to help attract new clients and directly market to new customers. You also need it to increase your sales productivity and close more deals. The end result of all this is reducing your expenses and boosting your revenues.

How can a piece of software do all that?

Simple CRM software has been created specifically for small business people in need of tracking information and creating reports. Having all of your customer information in report form will help you analyze your small business, focus your marketing, and close more deals. You need that information stored securely and easily accessible whenever you need it. Face it; your Rolodex can’t do half of those things!

When do you need CRM?

You’ve heard the saying “Start as you mean to go on”? Well there’s no better time to implement a simple CRM than when you start your business. The whole point of the simple CRM is to save you time and money, and increase your productivity. So, getting your company’s CRM set up from the outset will save you from having to manually input all of that information down the road.

What if I can’t afford it?

Advances in technology mean that implementing a simple CRM into your small business is easier than ever. Take the simple CRM PipeJump for example. It takes less than two minutes to start using it and it can cost you as low as $14 per month for the basic plan.

What do I do with CRM once I’ve implemented it?

It’s no good just to have the technology at your hands unless you use it to better your business. Use your simple CRM to find out what your customer’s purchasing habits are and tailor your business strategy to their needs. You can also profile groups and individuals for target marketing. And finally, you can change your business operations to improve sales, customer service, and communications. Ultimately, if you can use your simple CRM to improve your business through customer satisfaction and retention, you can grow your reputation in the market. Your profits will continue to grow and your small business will become that booming success you are working towards.

But what about all those business that don’t use CRM? There must be some out there…aren’t they missing out?

Put simply, yes.

Don’t let this be your small business.

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