Using Social Media for Lead Generation

One of the best ways to generate leads on social media is simply through demonstrating your expertise in your industry. For example, if you offer search optimization services, then going out and demonstrating your knowledge about all things search engine related will make people want to work with you because they know that you know what you’re talking about!

Here are just a few great ways to start establishing your brand’s authority by sharing knowledge on social media which will drive leads directly to you!

Facebook Fan Page

Let’s look at one of the best social networks for business – Facebook. There are two great ways you can use your brand’s Facebook fan page to demonstrate your expertise to your fans and beyond.

Your Page’s Wall

First of all, you will want to encourage discussion on your fan page’s wall. By engaging your fans regularly in conversation by sharing news about your industry and asking great questions, you will make your presence more in their news feeds. Fans who may not be a client yet will be impressed with your engagement as it will be regularly crossing their paths. Potential new fans will also get to see you lead the conversation about your industry right from the start, leading to more likes and more leads.

Other Industry Pages

One of the best new features for fan pages is the ability to Use Facebook as Your Page. This means you can go to other fan pages in your industry, like them as your fan page, and start interacting on them as your page. This will give your brand more exposure, and the best part is it is free, save the time you take to go out and interact!

Taking Advantage of Facebook as a Lead Generation Tool

The key to getting the most leads out of your Facebook page is to make sure you include a mailing list or newsletter signup form on your Facebook fan page. This way, people who are getting excited about your brand can not only like the page, but can also sign up and get more information delivered straight to their inbox!

Twitter Search Queries

Twitter should be your next stop on the path to positive brand exposure. If you want to reach out to more than just your current following (who you should be engaging with on a daily basis), then you will want to see who’s talking about your industry on Twitter, what they are asking, and be able to jump in and answer their questions.

The best way to do this is by conducing some Twitter searches. The best search string to use is keyword ? -filter:links. Just fill in popular keywords that your potential clients would be talking about – the question mark will look specifically for people who are asking a question related to that topic, and the -filter:links will only look for tweets that do not include links, as some people will tweet questions that are really post titles without the goal of seeking an answer.

To monitor the stream, you will want to either bookmark the Twitter search results, use a RSS reader to subscribe to the feed for your query, or use a Twitter management tool such as HootSuite to create new streams with that search query. Then, whenever you see a good question, jump in and @username reply to the person who asked.

With this approach, you will start to notice more followers, engagement amongst your followers, and eventually more leads from your Twitter.

Question & Answer Networks

Beyond the top two social networks for everyone, there are several sites that are devoted to questions and answers, or at least have an extensive section for Q&A. Two of my favorites for professionals are as follows.


Quora is new to the Q&A field. Think of it as Yahoo Answers, but with a lot more serious and professional audience, assuming that is who you are targeted. They also have a wealth of topics to choose from. Simply start typing keywords in the search box, and it will start suggesting great topics for you to find questions to answer.

Their network encourages self-promotion when it helps to answer the question, so the key would be to seek out questions where you have extensive answers within the content on your own site that you can reference. Definitely don’t just say “Go to my website for the answer” but answer the question and link to a page on your site or blog as a resource for more information.

By leaving a page from your website or blog in as a reference, you will drive targeted traffic to that link and hopefully then onto your contact form.

LinkedIn Answers

Another great place to find a professional-oriented community who are seeking answers is LinkedIn. By simply answering a few questions every day, you will start to gain new connections to your LinkedIn profile which will could become leads in the future.

To gain recognition as a top expert in your topic of choice, be sure to answer as many questions as possible – the people who answer the most questions in one week will be on that topic’s top expert section.

What are your favorite ways to build your brand’s authority online and gain leads through social media? Please share your networks and strategy tips in the comments, and be sure to download the free guide on How to Win More Deals Faster!

About Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a writer for Future Simple's Growth University. She shares an enthusiasm for marketing, social networking, and blogging tips to help small businesses grow. She's also a blog marketing expert and social media enthusiast
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5 Responses to Using Social Media for Lead Generation

  1. dimaks says:

    LinkedIn Answers is practically new to me, although I have been a member of the network for so long already. Thanks for pointing it out. And Quora, I did not know that there is such a thing :) I will be checking it out and most likely, sign up for membership.

    Facebook and Twitter really rock these days.

  2. Kristi Hines says:

    I have gotten a LOT of new connections and requests thanks to answering just a few questions on LinkedIn. If you can make it a regular habit, I’m sure that you’ll really do well with it Dimaks! :)

  3. Prasant says:

    Kristi-Twitter,Linkedin,Facebook and Quora that’s the way I make my list. I am a twitter lover and Hootsuite has taken my twitter experience altogether to a new level. Linkedin is a great place and before I was active in sm, I landed one of my jobs via Linkedin back in 2009 so i guess now people will value more. Facebook fan page was dead for months but then few articles by MariSmith and SMExaminer changed the way i looked at it. Now we have a decent community and trying to give our best efforts to keep it engaged.
    Thanks for ur post, helps a lot :)

  4. I need to try LinkedIn Answers – I have yet to. Loved the post – very interesting to read and full of great ideas to implement.

  5. Great stuff. I think a great question and answer resource is extremely undervalued right now!

    I mean.. in social media lone, there are literally millions of people who have no idea where to start!

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