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Do you leverage what could be the number one digital communication method to do some marketing to your prospective and existing customers? Email marketing is a low cost and high-yield method of marketing that small businesses should seriously consider taking advantage of and there are great tools that can help.

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MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks and track your results. The easy to use app helps you build your mailing list and engage your subscribers.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing involves sending e-mail messages to your customers and prospective customers. There are various ways to use this easy and effective communication method to talk to customers, share information about your products, and to gain trust from them. It’s a great way to help your customers and prospects through a sales funnel, too. There are great benefits to e-mail marketing from a marketing perspective and from a business intelligence perspective, too, but it needs to be done well and there are tools that can help in this regard.

Why is email marketing smart for small businesses?

Email marketing offers a low cost, high-yield way of doing some marketing with customers and prospective customers and it’s something you can use over and over again because once people are subscribed to your emails, they can become a captive audience. This marketing method offers you a way to reach a large audience without the constraints of having to do things on a specified schedule and it’s not cost prohibitive like many non-digital marketing methods. You can prepare messages in advance and schedule them to go out, you can set up timed sales funnels, and you can send interim message blasts as well. It offers people the ability to read your messages on their own timetable, which can be great if you want to expand into other time zones. Done right, it also offers great measurement elements to help you continually fine tune your email marketing strategies so that the profits begin to climb. Email marketing costs very little to do and can bring about great profitability because a message being sent out could result in instant sales. It offers you an excellent way to nurture customer relationships. But it’s important to do your email marketing it the right way, in a valuable way that results in a high rate of action by your customers and prospective customers. Small businesses that choose to use this method of marketing can do more marketing with fewer resources. It can be a lot like having a team of high-functioning salespeople but there’s no need to make any commission payments.

Email marketing can be highly profitable

Whether you employ sales people or not, email marketing can be a great way to continually develop new relationships as well as to nurture relationships with existing customers, too. Sharing informative articles, sending out product announcements, teaching customers something new, and providing value through an e-mailed multi-part course, sharing coupon codes and invitations to special events, and more are all easily done. The list of ways to use e-mail marketing is expansive. If you develop a list of email addresses, there could be a captive audience that could mean that new product launches go successfully, that your marketing costs go down, and that over time, that list could become a large part of your profit. Your emails should inform, educate, and they should also contain a call to action or way to learn more, helping drive people to action in terms of ordering your product or service. Not every email should be highly promotional (or you’ll risk being labelled as a spammer and losing subscriptions) but the right mix of promotion and information could bring about a high retention and conversion rate.

The right tools can help you do effective email marketing

Email marketing tools can be very helpful in automating email marketing, in making sure that you have a method for people to opt-in and opt out of receiving communications, that you’re adhering to rules and guidelines about sending e-mails (there are anti-spam laws), and can help you extract revealing data about how well your campaigns are doing. Tools can manage opting in by subscribers, can help people unsubscribe with just a few clicks, and good email marketing tools can provide you with useful data that you can use to your advantage. The data extracted from your email marketing software could help you effectively test and tweak marketing campaigns to maximize the results. You can use email marketing software to easily design and disseminate an electronic sales funnel where interested people enter and while they become new customers somewhere along the way, they don’t actually leave the sales funnel because your software helps you continually insert them into new sales funnels on an ongoing basis. Email marketing software can provide you with your open rate as well, helping you measure your goals and help you strategize for continued success.