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Are you stuck using time-intensive, paper-based tasks to manage your Human Resources? HR doesn‘t have to be stressful, time-consuming or frustrating. Social HR is the new way to work. Now you can inspire and engage your employees, so there‘s more time to focus on what‘s important. You can now get these new features that were previously only available to large enterprises, in a much more modern and cost efficient package.

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TribeHR automates and simplifies the boring, nit-picky, and frustrating details of managing your employees. You easily manage your human resources so your company‘s HR is less about the numbers, and more about the people. The easy to use app helps you quickly manage your HR so you can focus on what you do best.

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What is an HRIS?

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are software solutions designed to simplify the process of entering, aggregating and analyzing HR data. A cloud-based HRIS system is an ideal solution that gives companies a private HR website where everyone in the company can login to manage their own employee records, book and track vacation time, engage with and support co-workers, participate in hiring and recruitment efforts, and provide continuous feedback and recognition. HR management software takes more of the redundant and onerous tasks of everyday HR management, such as remembering to enter notes with employee vacation dates into an excel spreadsheet, and streamlines the process for managers while putting the driving force into the hands of employees. This heightens workforce engagement and leaves the HR team with more time to focus on higher priorities.

Why is HR management software important for small business?

Employees deserve the same attention you give your customers. Inspired employees who are actively engaged and connected build the best companies. The power of a socially connected employee changes the game. They stay more aligned, more involved, and have the potential to out-perform everyone else. The new face of HR is social. The recruitment, planning and retention tools help build the ultimate team; making your staff as passionate about the organization as you are.

How can an HRIS system help your small business?

A social HRIS system is the answer your organization‘s needs for effectively connecting people, goals, objectives and results. Utilizing social HRIS allows your organization to automate and simplify the boring, nit-picky, and frustrating details of managing your employees. Thus, providing business owners and HR managers with time better spent working on attracting, engaging, and developing your team. Employing a social HR platform helps leaders truly engage employees to the mission and values of the organization. It creates engagement by helping celebrate successes in all parts of the organization. Put an end to the hassle, and stop shuffling paperwork. Use your time to empower your employees, create a vision for the future and make your organization more strategic.

Leverage Social HRIS Features and Benefits

In an increasingly socially connected workplace, great human resource management software shouldn‘t just statically hold all of your employee information. It should also examine your records to provide trends and highlight information that can save you time and money. A user friendly software solution can help you reduce the mountain of paperwork associated with HR management while at the same time increasing engagement with employees and empowering them to do their best work.