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How do you handle your small business invoicing? Do you do it manually? If so, how are you tracking billing for hourly and recurring clients? There may be a better way that suits your specific needs and saves you time.

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Invoicing for small businesses

Is invoicing an easy part of your day-to-day business activities or is it something you regularly struggle with? Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers handle invoicing in a manual way that’s not all that effective and not all that professional-looking, either. Perhaps you’ve been doing things a certain way for years and have just never seriously considered the fact that there might be a better way to do your invoicing that would save you time and simplify things. A better method of invoicing your customers could make a positive impact on your time and on your cash flow. The best way to handle invoicing is to do it in a way that is easy for you to process, easy for customers to receive, and effective for you from a tracking perspective as well. Some invoicing tools offer some pretty impressive features and benefits.

Why effective invoicing methods are vital for small businesses

Small businesses who swiftly and efficiently manage their invoicing process can spend more time doing business activities and spend less time worrying about getting paid and scrambling with their ineffective records management techniques. The right method for invoicing customers and for tracking outstanding invoices is important, especially if you have many customers or clients that you need to bill by the hour. Not all small businesses are equipped with automated technology tools or a full time billing staff member. Even if you have a billing person, the right solution is important. It may take time to find one that suits your needs, but it’s wise to take the time to do so, especially if you’re already short on time and have trouble making time for invoicing and for tracking your sent invoices to make sure that they’re getting paid in a timely fashion. The right method of doing invoicing can make a big difference to your productivity and there could be tools out there that do even more for you than you expected.

Small business invoicing shouldn’t be difficult

Some small businesses don’t have the best invoice management methods. Many just make Excel templates or MS Word documents to use for their invoices and then keep a file folder of them. This isn’t very effective in terms of making sure your invoice gets paid. It doesn’t provide you with a bird’s eye view of how much is invoiced, how much is outstanding, and manual creation does leave room for errors and omissions. A folder, electronic or not, is also not a very effective method of keeping copies of these important documents. You could also benefit from reporting features and for tracking customer activities and many invoicing tools have these features built in. Reporting from invoicing tools could help with sales forecasts, customer relationship management, and business development activities, too. Manual methods don’t give you the ability to do this.

Small business invoicing tools can help:

A solid invoicing system could simplify invoicing for you. There are a variety of free and low cost small business invoicing tools that do various things to make invoicing easy. Some systems can help generate invoice numbers, help you track your invoicing, help you manage overdue accounts, and help you query old invoices months or years after they’re processed. Some small business invoicing tools integrate well with other popular tools, too, such as with project management systems for more automation and time tracking, with your merchant account or payment processor, and with other customer relationship management tools. Some tools work great for small businesses who subcontract some of their work as well as have frequent recurring billing. Many small business invoicing tools can help you keep everything clear and straight with an easy to use tool and this can be a big help at tax time, too. There are software tools that will also help you create and track quotes as well as transform those quotes into orders and invoices. As a small business, every productivity tool you use could contribute to freeing up more of your time each day, enabling you to spend time on activities that help you grow your business and nurture your customers. With something as vitally important as making sure you’re getting paid it’s definitely advantageous to make sure you invest time and or money in a great invoicing tool, don’t you think?