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More people than ever use their mobile phones to access information that helps them make buying decisions. How does your website look on an iPhone or a Blackberry? How functional is it? It’s more important than ever to make sure you have a mobile friendly website.

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Is your website mobile friendly?

Why should small businesses take the time to make sure that their website is friendly for mobile audiences? Websites don’t automatically look all that great on the screen of a Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile phone and there are more smartphone consumers than ever. Some regular websites are really difficult to see and use on a smartphone screen and when users have to scroll to be able to find information many of them give up out of frustration and then search for a different website. You don’t want to lose traffic and potential profit because you didn’t bother to make sure that iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphone users weren’t properly serviced on your site. People are using their smartphones to help them make buying decisions and having your website mobile optimized will help you benefit from the growing population of people who use their smartphone continuously. Phones are with their owners around the clock, making it easy for people to continually access information. By making your site easy to access and use on a mobile device, you increase the chances of being able to capture a new lead or customer who finds you on the web. Don’t miss out on the growing opportunities that being mobile friendly present.

Why should small businesses prepare for more mobile traffic?

The world wants information now. They don’t want to wait until they get home and connect to the web via their desktop or laptop. They’re accessing info it on the bus, in the subway, at the shopping mall, in the car, and elsewhere. Smartphone sales are climbing and more people across more demographics than ever use them. They’re clicking through to your links from their mobile Twitter and Facebook applications too. Also, consider QR codes that are popping up everywhere. More and more companies are putting QR codes in their print ads because these codes enable people to scan the code with their phone and access an associated and optimized website on that phone. Print advertising extends into the mobile world with this technology. That person scanning that code is a potential interested customer so it’s important that their phone takes them to an easy-to-read and easy-to-use mobile-friendly page.

The mobile market is expected to continue to grow dramatically

Small businesses who design their site with mobile visitors in mind will have a distinct advantage over their competitors. The mobile market is expected to continue to grow and the more you cater to all the potential audiences who could view your site from their cell phone, the better your business will fare. Beyond your website looking better on a phone because it’s optimized for mobile technology, it can also offer additional features such as the ability for people to call with one click, book a reservation or appointment, view a menu, check other testimonials and add their own review of their experience, find a location near them, and more.

How will you make sure your site is poised for mobile success?

As the world continually becomes more and more connected, small businesses that anticipate their target customers’ wants and needs will be in a position to continually grow. There are software tools that can make your site more mobile friendly by determining which version of your site to send visitors to, based on the type of access point they are using. Another reason it’s important to optimize your site for mobile is so that mobile search engines and other popular consumer applications will see that you’re ready and send traffic your way. Taking the time to create a mobile-friendly website now will put you ahead of many of your competitors who haven’t done this yet. When searching for tools to help you, look for tools that keep in mind that your website will probably be regularly updated. You want your mobile site to reflect those updates as well, without your manual intervention. You may want specific mobile-friendly advertisements, online community tools, and other elements that are different from your main website and you’ll want to be sure to access and review mobile browser traffic reports as well, so that you can continually optimize your mobile site and help convert more browsers into buyers.