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The right SMB CRM can take your small to medium business to the next level in terms of customer relationship management, sales tracking, and marketing performance management. You're not too small to benefit from this technology.

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What is an SMB CRM?

An SMB CRM is a small to medium business customer relationship management tool. It's a tool that is designed to help small to medium sized businesses better manage their relationships with their customers and their prospective customers. Besides benefiting the company from a customer relationship management perspective, it also helps the company with planning, marketing, and go-to-market strategy. It helps take the guesswork out of customer relationship management. How? An SMB CRM helps you track useful information about your customers, about leads, quotes, orders that are in progress, and about potential deals as well as historical data. You can inject information into it and you can extract information from it. In a nutshell, it helps makes sales people better at doing their jobs and servicing their customers --- with less effort than without it.

Why do SMBs even need a CRM?

You might think that your business is too small to need a CRM tool. But that's not true. Even solo entrepreneurs can benefit from managing their customer relationships in a more automated way. Things that happen today could provide useful information for the future in terms of forecasting, trend analysis, gap analysis, customer follow-up, and post-mortem analysis. Small businesses might think that customer relationship management and sales forecasting tools are too complicated for their business and that they will add tedious additional steps to an already arduous work process. This isn't true. There are tools that are simple and easy to use but that, despite their simplicity, make a dramatic difference to a company in terms of planning, improving, and in customer retention. Customer relationship management tools help companies and freelancers ensure that customers or potential leads won't fall through the cracks. From a business continuity perspective, this is invaluable.

How can an SMB CRM help me?

A CRM isn't just a 'make work' project. The right customer relationship management tool can help you gain a great grasp on your pipeline and help you better manage your customer relationships so you can maximize wins and minimize losses. You'll be able to add tasks and future reminders and keep a tight rein on quotes to help nudge them from the quoting state to where you have an actual purchase order in hand. The right SMB CRM will help sales people save time and be more productive at the same time and it'll serve sales managers and executives, too. A collaborative tool offers visual access to vital information about the pipeline and provides actionable business intelligence reporting. The ability to better track your customers and prospects will help your company provide exceptional customer service and help you develop and nurture your relationship with clients. By utilizing a simple CRM tool that tracks quotes and sales you can also analyze performance to help you plan for growth, do root cause analysis for losses, and proactively prospect to ensure revenue goals are met. Instead of trying to manage your customer relationships manually through paper files, spreadsheets, and Post-It notes, a CRM tool can help you automate your relationship management.

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